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Case studies

Cathy has amazing insight into how people and teams function. She is masterful at giving developmental feedback, and this is enabling our management team to work together more collaboratively and productively. The team experience Cathy as approachable and she is particularly adept at challenging the group whilst ensuring they feel supported, valued and respected.
Tara Dean, HR and Development Manager

Coaching to build resilience


A senior manager was experiencing high levels of anxiety and recognised that he was underperforming as a result. A series of six, two-hour sessions focused first on helping him to identify the sources of stress and then on equipping him with the tools he needed in order to stay calm, think clearly and reconfigure his working patterns in order to become more resilient and effective.
As a result, he was able to regain control, set new priorities and make rapid improvements in his performance.
Team development workshops


A front-line management team responsible for customer support services were keen to understand how they might increase levels of enagement, wellbeing and performance in their teams. We used a set of experiential exercises to help identify which of their current habits and practices they needed to ditch and replace with more effective ones, in order to create the conditions in which people can thrive.
Participants were able to articulate and rehearse the behaviours needed to foster a more positive, open climate.
Group coaching for senior leaders


A senior management team in a national organisation undertook a series of workshops to explore how they might work more collaboratively to solve shared problems. Through taking part in a series of group coaching exercises designed to allow them to surface and share their concerns, they were able to identify the group’s blind spots as well as its hidden strengths.
This led to higher levels of openness, trust and collaboration, which in turn resulted in far more productive team-working on strategic issues.
Career development coaching

A highly successful and capable senior manager had ‘hit a road-block’ in her career and felt demotivated and unclear as to what steps she needed to take. We began by exploring what she found intrinsically motivating and then identified one or two unhelpful habits which were blocking her potential. Next, we worked to achieve a clear understanding of her strengths and preferences.
As a result, she developed a more flexible approach to leadership which both renewed her levels of energy and job satisfaction.
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