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Our coaching practice

Establishing the ‘contract’.  At the outset, we recommend an initial (obligation-free) ‘chemistry call’ to understand who you are, and what you'd like to achieve. From the get-go, we'll encourage you to begin to envision what success might look, sound and feel like.

Information gathering.  Our coaching process is positive, and strengths-based. We'll explore the ways in which you might reframe obstacles as opportunites, as well as the ways in which you can harness your skills and personal resources to tackle these.  

Goal setting and measurements. We want you to succeed, and so we'll focus on establishing goals which are positive, achievable and aligned with your needs. Between sessions,  we'll encourage you to undertake tasks and activities so that you're able to track and measure your progress and achievements.

Diagnostic tools, to open up perspectives. Depending on the context, it’s likely we’ll incorporate one or more of a range of fully validated psychological tools to help create new frames of reference.  For example, we might utilise an emotional intelligence measure to provide a lens through which to identify and discuss your capabilities and development areas. 

Agreeing a strategy and rehearsing success. We’ll work together with you to identify the action steps necessary to deliver the change you need. We'll help you to explore your options further, through visualising and rehearsing success.

Post-session support. As standard practice, we always provide summary notes to capture key themes and actions agreed and offer a telephone check-in between sessions, if required. 

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