Our coaching practice

Establishing the ‘contract’. We begin with a ‘chemistry meeting’ to understand your context and challenges, agree clear goals and define what success will look, sound and feel like – from the outset.

Information gathering. Then we’ll help you to identify your key skills, achievements and personal resources. A positive, strengths based-approach which encourages you to re-focus on the priorities.

Goal setting and measurements. To ensure you get value, we encourage you to set goals which are positive, achievable and aligned with what you need. We'll also agree a set of tasks and activities to help you track track and measure your progress and achievements.

Diagnostic tools, to open up perspectives. Depending on the context, it’s likely we’ll incorporate one or more of a range of tools from applied psychology to create a frame of reference. For example, the JCA EIP tool for Emotional Intelligence provides a useful lens through which to explore how learned mindsets and behaviours might be blocking or stopping you from fulfilling your potential.

Agreeing a strategy and rehearsing success. We’ll work together with you to create a meaningful narrative to deliver the change you need and help you to explore your options through visualising and rehearsing success.

Post-session support. As standard practice, we always provide summary notes to capture key themes and actions agreed and a telephone check-in between sessions.