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About us

Experts in both organisational and mental health psychology, we offer specialist coaching and counselling programmes. We help those who are facing career and life transitions, or perhaps, struggling to cope with workplace stress and anxiety. 


Cathy is an Executive Coach on the Henley Register, and a PSA-accredited therapist. She holds an MSc in Mental Health. Much of her career has been spent in the corporate world, specialising in workplace wellbeing. Cathy has worked with many people experiencing stress, anxiety, or panic episodes, for whom she offers individualised coach-counselling sessions.  Her philosophy is positive, and strengths-based.


Both in private practice and in online sessions, Cathy aims to create a safe, and confidential space within which clients are first, able to explore their personal challenges and then take steps to address these.


Bill is a business psychologist, and an expert in the field of emotional intelligence, having taken a central role in the development of a market-leading emotional intelligence measurement tool. Bill brings a rich mix of skills, and has lectured to post-graduate level in careers guidance. He has built a reputation for helping senior executives to navigate significant career and life transitions. 


Bill's coaching style is eclectic, but fundamentally humanistic and practical. Clients remark on Bill's ability to listen deeply, helping them to think through and ultimately resolve, complex issues. 

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